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I am a native New Yorker who has resided in East Brunswick, New Jersey for the past 26 years. As a self taught artist, I began experimenting with oil painting in my early years producing colorful landscapes. I studied Architecture at New York Institute of Technology, which also contributed to my artistic value. The responsibilities of a husband, father and working architect temporarily halted the physical aspect of painting but did not curtail my desire over the years to continue my creative endeavors.

As I resumed my desire to paint, pastel was the medium I most preferred due to its workability and wonderful array of colors. I paint almost entirely from compositions I create from my digital photographs. When I take trips, I can be anywhere when a scene catches my eye. My camera is always my sidekick. I am also an avid cyclist, where on rides I take that photograph and turn it into a special piece of art. I then in vision these scenes behind glass, with matting and frame. Colors, light, shadow, mood and the time of day or night have so much of an effect on my artwork.

My Artist Statement

Rogue-ism is a style that balances between realism and impressionism. That is to say, that I am a realist with aspirations and tendencies to incorporate impressionism with in my paintings.
As an artist, I am inspired by the multitude of compositional possibilities and excited about the array of different colors available to me to design the patterns of light and dark that are born from the scenes that I interpret.
Working with pastels gives me this artistic freedom and allows me to use many techniques such as line strokes, stippling and blending as a combination to create my artwork.
In the colors of nature that are evoked by the landscape of our world; this is where I find inspiration for my work with pastels.

My Location

I am located in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

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