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My artwork has been a catharsis. I have revealed to myself that though I have have been in a post traumatic state most of my life, that I am a part of this world I've seen so much of and have observed. I have been everywhere and seen as much. This catching up to me and releasing my memories is to give in love, the beauty and ugliness of my experiencial life. My art will be a continual process for I lived in denial a long time. I hope to explore other mediums as I become more proficient in understanding the font of my artistic abilities.

My Artist Statement

The digital brush at my fingertips has given rise to a new level of not only bending the light I see but also the one I have imagined since childhood. An expression of invaluable release. Just to stare, become and drift among the molecules of my memory and be able to put it before myself and the world lifts my spirit. I hope it does for others as well.
As these artworks are digital, any size or shape is possible in their rendering to a person that has specific ideas as to where and how it will hang . some have been made to wrap around or into corners , while others to cover entire walls. Hue changes for color thematic environments and particular color favorites can be achieved and rendered as requested. These works can be printed on glass, canvas,velum,even metal. Your input into my vision will enhance its ultimate home.

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I am located in colorado springs, colorado.

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