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My Artist Statement

A published and award-winning photographer, Ms. Wace completed her formal education at Southeastern Center for the Arts in Atlanta, GA under the direction of Neil Chaput de Saintonge. During that time, she had the opportunity to study with some of this era’s finest photographers including Cole Weston, Bruce Barnbaum and Alison Shaw.

After graduation, Ms. Wace served her internship with one of Atlanta’s foremost commercial photographers, Kevin Ames of Ames Photographic Illustration, and continued on with Kevin as his Sales Representative. In her journey through photographic styles of glamour, public relations and product photography, Ms Wace says she had to face the reality that being outdoors and photographing nature is where her heart truly lies.

In her own words, Ms Wace says: “Sometimes I shoot for content, sometimes for color. Mostly, I shoot for what I see as the simple astounding beauty of Mother Nature. I try to use as few tools–filters and digital enhancements–as possible while pushing my camera and lenses to their maximum potential. Nature doesn’t need any help from me.”

“Oftentimes as I am traveling I wish there was someone with me to see the magic. With childlike wonder I will catch myself pointing to a scene and saying out loud ‘Look at THAT’. And while I do love the freedom of shooting alone, at the end of the day, I want to share those images with everyone. Thanks to the internet, I can now do just that.”

Ms. Wace’s first book, ‘Twenty-Four Exposures' is a collection of her favorite photographs from her vast travels around the country. Included along with the images are quotes from notable personalities about the beauty of the world and the importance of caring for the environment.

Ms. Wace currently resides in Savannah, GA where she is President of the Coastal Chapter of GNPA and enjoying the proximity to the ocean, beach and seascapes.

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I am located in Savannah, GA.

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