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Born in Coventry, 1988. Studied @ Coventry University (2006-07) & @Dartington College of Arts (2007-10)

Early work developed with choreographers & theatre groups in Turkey, Scotland, Greece, England, & Malta. Participated in festivals internationally @ the ICA London & arts festivals in Germany, America and Australia.

In 2010, projects began on text as a language within languages, focusing on film and calligrammatic imagery. In 2012, joined the rubberbodies collective, producing theatre and digital artworks with the rbc before relocating to Libya.

In 2013 moved first to Guangzhou, China, (May 2013) and then Singapore (August 2013) where current works are on illustrating in ink and brush the islandís coffeeshops.

My Artist Statement

My journey is one into human nature. I observe the cultures I encounter and I study those things that have shaped them into what they are.

Studies are made using the mediums of ink, pencil, and paint, as well as digital media, installation, and video. Each of these mediums influences the others although I make no effort to combine them. I see each medium as a different path into the subject that I study and I allow myself that choice of choosing a medium to use when addressing a subject or topic.

I am interested in the characters of nations, I am interested in the ideas that effect the world economies, I am interested in the imaginations of the people. I make my art for myself and I ask no-one to like it.

My Location

I am located in Singapore, .

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