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Carlos Melgoza

My Artist Statement

"LIKE FATHER, LIKE SONS"...Grandfather, father, and I,second of 5 sons; were born into a family of artists, sculptors, master woodcarvers and craftsmen. During my childhood I learned first hand many skills from my father, who was also a professional antique dealer; buying, repairing ans restoring original art and antiques in his workshop at home, of the Central Plains region, Michoacan, Mexico.
in the family tradition, one of the skills that I learned was to distinguish many different wood by color, aroma and texture long before I ever saw examples of cedar, mesquite, water cyprus, mahogany and pine in the Spanish, French, English, mudejar, baroque and Mexican colonial styles of actual furniture, and arat pieces that were so abundant in those magnificent Haciendas (built XVI to XVIII centuries) that we visited often during my father's travels to many parts of Mexico. Many of those treasures found their temporary home within ours. As a small child, I hardly imagined, what a tremendous impact those memories would have in inspiring me during 50 years of experience doing my work. One of the things that I enjoy doing, is combining different styles in my custom designs. For example, one of my popular themes is a carving in wood of a happy face sun. I have used this theme on the facade of double entrance doors and cabinets over time. I have done the same with a vase full of flowers carving also. what makes these unique is that I combine French and Baroque Mexican styles. In an executive desk, I employed Italian and English carvings. I studied at the Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico in San Luis Potosi. I received a "Recognition of Merit" from the museum of the Mask in S.L.P for contributing to the history of furniture in that region, wife of 51st President, Jose Lopez Portillo (1976-1982) acquired an Arabesque style elaborately carved cabinet we created for their home. Casa Tequila Cuervo Co., Jalisco purchased a special edition of a corner style leather cabinet which I did and was displayed at the furniture fair in Dallas Texas. I met my wife Sharon, who was one of my English teachers, in Mexico. We moved to Tucson Az. I have a studio and workshop, at present where I make affordable custom furniture. I work with local decorators artists and engineers. I accepted commission to make the major part of furnishings for a home in Scottsdale Az. belonging to a famous American football player honored in the hall of fame. The "Arizona Daily Star", September 27, 1987, dedicated the center "Home" page to an article and photos of the work of the Melgoza family. this article is titled "Michoacan Masters"...Mexican family carves tradition into furniture." It is a great satisfaction to share what I have and do for the lasting enjoyment of others. It is part of my legacy.

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I am located in Tucson, Arizona.

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