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32 years old... been creative since i was 4... started building inventions from wood.. went to writing stories and books... then to playing guitar, recording albums and touring the World... and NOW i create ART for eARTh and its Future.. I also Teach.. Like my Mom.. and Invent like my Dad, the engineer.. I want to Heal this world with ART and promote a future where more time is spent looking at and creating Art, and very little to no time on cell phones, or iTOYS... ART is ALL we need... :)

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I Create ART for eARTh... for the Future.. For ALL Ages.. to inspire everyone that sees it to look beyond 'Reality' towards the Truth and Magic of being HUMAN and alive in each perfect instant of Life... ART can change the world.. and Must.. I hope to show everyone that sees my ART, that life is Perfect, beautiful beyond words, and ART is our Universal Language of the most importance... :) -diNo

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I am located in Sharon, MA.

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