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Susan Varo is a Visual Artist who began her career early using her innate creativity to produce various fine art images.

A self-taught visual artist, Susan has a strong artistic background attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York on a scholarship and the Center for the Media Arts. Her works include hand-painted holiday cards, portraiture, still life, landscape and pets. Nearly all of her works are created in the style of realism using artist-oil paints on stretched canvas. All of her images are intricate and unique with close attention paid to detail.

Many pieces of her artwork were donated and given as gifts. Her latest painting was given to New York Hospital of Queens as part of a community garden. Susan currently licenses some of her artwork to Check Advantage where they are produced onto checks, checkbook covers and labels.

My Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated with bright colors, shapes and designs. I began drawing at eight which included animals, people and cartoon characters. My work quickly became recognized by my teachers and peers.

I won art contests and received many certificates in art. In 1974, I received a scholarship to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Soon after, I began using watercolor and oil paints on canvas to create my artwork. Over the next few years, I strengthened my skills and develop a unique style and began to combine what I actually saw with exactly how those images made me feel and conveyed those feelings and images to others.

In 1984, I attended The Center for The Media Arts in New York City and continued doing occasional freelance work.

From 1994 through 2001, I sold portrait paintings. I also sold hand-painted greeting cards. My passion has led me to start a small, home based, solely-owned business that I founded in 2006. My Works of Art, LLC offers original-oil paintings on stretched canvas consisting of still life, landscapes, portraiture, abstracts and pets. There are various other works that are from my travels across the United States and abroad.

Nearly all of my work is created in the style of realism. Most of what I paint reflects a specific and special moment in time before it's gone. Sometimes, it's all about the beauty or the feeling from it. I want viewers to see what I see and feel what I felt at the time of creation, as I capture an image to make a lasting impression.

Meticulous attention is paid to detail for an end product of excellence and integrity and many appear three dimensional. My goal is to make my artwork highly personalized but also to evoke an expression of a special place, person or moment in time to be a lasting and wonderful keepsake to be cherished for years to come.

In 2013, I entered a partnership with Check Advantage as part of the Licensed Artist Series and my artwork has been reproduced onto checks, checkbook covers and mailing labels.

I anticipate a successful future where I can share my gift with others while receiving constant inspiration traveling throughout the world.

My Location

I am located in Corona, New York.

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