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Li-Wei Wang was born in Shanghai, China. Mr. Wang received his college degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, at Shanghai Teachers’ University. During the college years he participated several yearly art show in Shanghai though it is restrict In judging art works and only very limited excellent art works can be selected. Additionally, he travel to different place include south-west province, those experiences wide him not only the eyes but mind also.
In 1993 Mr. Wang enrolled in Savannah College of Art and Design as a student of Master of Art. He got the first place of Savannah 14th Annual Juried Fine Art Competition soon after. Later on he went to San Francisco and settled down there to concentrate on doing his paintings. He has all his resources of energy and patience, as a professional fine artist, he believes his creative life will continue just like before.

My Artist Statement

Painting is a kind of art that expresses emotion of human being. The soul of painting is interpreted as to forward painter's own unique spiritual feeling and sentiment. Such emotional and passionate percept undoubtedly also contains painter's comprehension toward life and world.

Whether it is a common wall, a piece of sandy land, or a fallen leaf, they are all vital and soulful.The purpose of painting is exactly to convey the meaning of such life and soul. In my opinion, painters should use their own outstanding discerning ability to observe objectives and practice exclusive ways to dissect and analyze them. Any common objective, which once being deeply comprehended and personalized processed by painters, will definitely appear its remarkable side. Only personalized painting has real artistic attractiveness.

The important factor what I have to think over is whether the work I am going to finish has attained the effect which I anticipated at the very beginning or not, in other words, to see if the work has or has not spelled out the words from the bottom of my heart.

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I am located in San Francisco, CA.

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