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About Elena

"I was born the daughter of an artist in Russia. As a result art was important aspects of my life growing up. I studied classical piano most of the time and when I wasn’t playing music I was sculpting and painting. Because of my musical background I became aware of the incredible harmony all around us. This feeling of harmony nurtures my creativity and helps me to paint, make sculptures, live and love. My work is held in private collections around the world. I am a full-time artist living in Ontario Canada with my husband and two sons ... "

Artist Statement

"My paintings are impressions of my feelings, not reality. Being passionate, optimistic and having an independent mind, I paint vigorously and happily, always leaving my personal aura as part of the painting. My paintings and style are influenced by music, my sense of harmony and time, not brush strokes. I can say that my paintings are my thoughts on canvas. I believe that the continuous dialog between the viewer and the painting makes the art timeless. My goal is not a realistic representation, but to create an opportunity for you to find various meanings in my painting. It can be an invitation for you to have a dialog with my painting. And if you have – I have reached my goal..." -

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