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I currently live and work in the Atlanta area. I am a full time professional artist and have been since 2005. I attended art school in London in the early 90s but actually earned a degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

My Artist Statement

My name is Karina Keri-Matuszak and I create unique copper paintings that are sold all over the world. If you have never seen one of my pieces in person you will be delighted and surprised--because the copper reflects underneath the paint. The paintings actually glow and change in the light. My work appears in restaurants, hospitals, lawyers offices, and collector's homes. My work has been used in a national television series and has been featured in books and magazines. My art is sold online, in galleries, and in retail establishments nationwide. If you are looking for art that will WOW the guests in your home or the customers in your establishment, one of my copper paintings should do the trick. I have abstract triptychs and multipanels available, as well as smaller pieces and even art under $100. On top of that, when a painting is sold I only reveal the explanation of title to the owner--and no one else. This creates a personal connection between my collectors and myself. It's just one more reason to purchase one of my original copper paintings. I know you will enjoy your purchase as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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I am located in Dacula, GA.

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