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I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and still live there. Many "top ten" lists say Pittsburgh is one of the most livable cities. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, also known as "Pitt."

I painted as a hobby in high school. It competed with cars , girls, pool, and poker. I still managed to paint and learn a little every week. Much later in life I started to exhibit in galleries and art/craft shows.

My Artist Statement

My background is 35 years as a "street artist". These are the artists that exhibit under a canopy at art and craft festivals. I exhibit at shows with as little as 500 attendees to shows with 1/2 million attendees. I exhibit bird and wildlife paintings.

Eventually I developed an interest in painting on things from nature rather than stretched canvas. It was more challenging and offered new and different ways of presenting wildlife.

Being a street artist, I must have a large inventory of paintings in order to have a good display. If you wish to see additional pictures please e mail me a

My Location

I am located in carnegie, pa.

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