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Sculptor, painter and printmaker… Mark Staples ranks highly as one of America’s most rigorous proponents among hard working artists. Over the span of his career as a collaborative digital printmaker and painter he has garnered international recognition and his work can be found in numerous spaces and private collections.

Mark Staples keeps two separate studios. SFA Fine Art Services, located in Richmond, Virginia, is a world-renowned fine art printmaking venue and is a locus for visiting art professionals from around the globe. The Birdland Sculpture Studio & Gardens, located in Powhatan County, Virginia allows Staples to maintain his free flow of artistic thought while he labors on his complex sculptural constructions and paintings.

Mark is accomplished in a variety of modes of art making, and each reveals a different, yet interlocking facet of his creative personality. Now a seasoned master with over 20 years in the professional arts, Staples’ unrelenting commitment to the international art community is stronger than ever, dedicating time to both his own projects and those of emerging artists and established veterans alike, and helping them to reach their audience as well as realizing their own artistic visions. With his own creations, his goal is to make the viewer feel as though he is part of the creation, rather than an observer of it, so that there is no separation between the viewer and the image,,,,just the experience.

My Artist Statement

I continually strive to capture moments in time from the ordinary world around me and infuse my creations with drama, importance and the magic found in nature…..such is the force which nurtures my work.

My Location

I am located in Powhatan, VA.

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