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I am 23 years old and currently work in Las Vegas at the Emergency Arts Center/Sin City Gallery as an independent artist/costume designer, MUNNY toy designer, model, actress, dancer and overall expert on Art Deco.

My Artist Statement

With a vintage sense of steampunk whimsy and fantasy, Heather Hermann aka "Calliopie" creates enchanting artwork, photographs and costume designs that defy time to convey a period and persona all their own.

The role of sensual, coy, alluring and comically appealing girls displays heavily in Hermann's artwork. The dying vaudeville star, erotic Victorian automatons, and deco savvy femme fatales wait to be whisked away from their destructive undergrounds. From the subtle smirk, bedroom eyes, to the over extravagant costume design there lies a mysterious world of performing, suffering, whimsical fortitude and the passions brought on by music. Most of Hermann's work is based around the musical talents of Genesis, ELO, 20's-40's music, The Beatles and musical arrangements by acclaimed former Genesis member; Steve Hackett. Her designs also include well-dressed or tattered gentlemen. Those who teeter on the edges of handsomely dangerous or interestingly mad in their attire and persona. Though along with these eccentric characters lies a smaller world of ragged yet adorable creatures busting with punching personalities. Wicked worlds and speak easies tainted with curses, technologies advanced for their time and the old world romance the modern world left behind. The images of ballet dancers, showgirls and cabaret seducers weighed down in a coiling clockwork of elegantly twisted fantasy.

My Location

I am located in N. Las Vegas, Nevada.

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