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My Art Education began in small town Iowa, continued at Iowa State University and bloomed at California College of Arts and Crafts. I studied drawing, photography, weaving, metallurgy and glass art. I was a woodworker and a poet for many years. I've made blackberry baskets, handwoven garments, turned wooden bowls, and created glass sculpture.

I spent many years helping folks do their businesses with more spiritual awareness and organization in multi-dimensional ways. I've also been a professional astrologer since 1997. I'm very happy to be going back to doing my artwork full time. Thanks for reading about me.

My Artist Statement

Sensuality, visual and tactile, attracts me. I want my creations to be luscious and vibrantly connected to life and nature because that's what turns me on. I love fabrics, animals, threads, and color. Sound and Light have the ability to change everything around us, improving feng shui, altering emotions, and enlivening our homes. Artwork that captures the light and sound to make your world and home better makes me very happy and satisfied. Enjoy!

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I am located in Los Angeles, CA.

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