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I have spent decades painting and writing in the field, working in southeast Alaska, living in the Rocky Mountains, and traveling the midwest to the western coast. I now live in the metropolitan Portland, Oregon area.

My Artist Statement

I am a painter. I create on canvas, images of my tender explorations internally and externally. My works each have a story, or a mantra, or a glimpse into the dance of nature’s subjects with their environment, painted into them. The “talking story” affirms continuity and cyclicity, inviting reminders that we must each hold a personal sacred hoop in our hearts, and we must each cultivate our Light-filled relationships in any arenas which beckon us. We must live like we matter, and my nature-spirit-art is a daily reminder of that. My visual themes run through personal mythology, abstractions of "images of exploration," delightful spirits-of-place, and the quest to see and feel and portray the energy of the land and world.

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I am located in Oregon City, OR.

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