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I have a degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising from O'More College of Design in Franklin, TN. For the past several years & currently I am enrolled in watercolor paint classes. Love the medium! As a child I have always been emotionally inspired and motivated by color. It is very important to me in life. Also, as a designer of evening wear, I may use vibrant color in that medium as well. The watercolor medium allows the artist to create movement as is true with fabric that can create movement in a garment. Both revive my creative element.

My Artist Statement

Visually strong! I am in love with using watercolor--SO much fun! My paintings are wet, washy & most of the time in vibrant contemporary colors. They lean toward bold cheery brightnesses bordering on impressionistic and at times possibly abstract -not to totally rule out pastels. I would not consider my subject matter to be classic, although, I do flowers but in a more magnified way. Sometimes when I get involved with a painting I can not break away. I'm so intriqued I have to keep painting to see it finished! It can become like an obcession for me. Occasionally, I my use a mixed meduim to create the look & is so fun as well. Mostly the pieces you will see from me are flowers and possibly some architecture.

My Location

I am located in Nashville, TN.

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