Constantin Popescu Constantin Popescu Artisan
Str.Baciului, nr.16, bl.8, sc.1, et.1, ap.8 Bucharest, Romania 052609
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Constantin Popescu


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2008, 2009, 2010: Colectiv exhibitions at The Public Metropolitan Library, Bucharest, Romania
2011: „Imaginaria”, personal exhibition at The Art Gallery „SEVER”, Targoviste, Romania
2012: Exhibition at BRD Groupe Societe Generale Tower, Bucharest, Romania
2013: „Echoes”, personal exhibition at „Valahia” Hotel, Targoviste, Romania
2014: Drawing exhibition at The National Art Museum, Targoviste, Romania
2015: „Equinox”, personal exhibition at „Valahia” Hotel, Targoviste, Romania

My Artist Statement

I am a Romanian painter & writer

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My Location

I am located in Bucharest, Romania.

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