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My Artist Statement

CYRK...original contemporary/vintage art posters are more than striking images created by the artistic geniuses of the world-famous Polish School of Posters. Acclaimed as the best in contemporary poster art, CYRK posters are the artists' interpretation and commentary on society, often communicating to the viewer camouflaged political and/or social messages - hidden meanings.

During the Communist era, the golden age of the Polish School of Posters, the Polish Government financially supported and encouraged poster art: sponsoring the 1st International Poster Biennale (1966), opening the world's first poster museum (1968) and treating poster artists favorably. Consequently, Polish posterists - being well-paid, highly-regarded and given much autonomy - became the spokespeople of society as their posters became the primary art form of the nation.

Spend time pondering CYRK posters! Discover the artists' and/or your own interpretation of the messages residing below the surface of the beautiful imagery!

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More Work By CYRK

  • Zebra with legs in air by Hubert Hilscher

    Zebra with legs...

    CYRK $175.00
  • Mona Lisa by Maciej Urbaniec

    Mona Lisa by Ma...

    CYRK $175.00
  • Talking Monkey by Hubert Hilscher

    Talking Monkey ...

    CYRK $200.00
  • Lion with legs in air by Hubert Hilscher

    Lion with legs ...

    CYRK $160.00
  • Horse and clown by Boguslaw Lustyk

    Horse and clown...

    CYRK $175.00
  • Ray Charles/Jazz Greats by Waldemar Swierzy

    Ray Charles/Jaz...

    CYRK $150.00
  • Monkey on bicycle/Curious George

    Monkey on bicyc...

    CYRK $200.00
  • Poodle Drummer by Liliana Baczewska

    Poodle Drummer ...

    CYRK $250.00
  • 3 Basset Hounds by Roman Cieslewicz

    3 Basset Hounds...

    CYRK $250.00
  • Large Seated Cat by Hubert Hilscher

    Large Seated Ca...

    CYRK $160.00
  • Jazz on the Odra River '72 by Jan Sawka

    Jazz on the Odr...

    CYRK $225.00
  • Elvis by Roslaw Szaybo

    Elvis by Roslaw...

    CYRK $175.00
  • Requiem for 500 thousand by Leszek Holdanowicz

    Requiem for 500...

    CYRK $475.00
  • Magic World of Chagall by Andrzej Pagowski

    Magic World of ...

    CYRK $275.00
  • Ballad of the Wedding Veil by Andrzej Pagowski

    Ballad of the W...

    CYRK $150.00
  • Fiddler on the roof by Andrzej Pagowski

    Fiddler on the ...

    CYRK $250.00
  • Spy Clown with newspaper by Waldemar Swierzy

    Spy Clown with ...

    CYRK $150.00
  • 2 men = 1 camel by Rafal Olbinski

    2 men = 1 camel...

    CYRK $275.00
  • Clown with slingshot by Jan Mlodozeniec

    Clown with slin...

    CYRK $150.00
  • Faust by Jan Lenica - original vintage poster

    Faust by Jan Le...

    CYRK $450.00

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