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Winner of the 2012 Dominick Labino Memorial Award for Excellence in Glass. For 30 years my love of art waited quietly as I pursued nursing and education. I was priveleged to provide health care in its most high-tech form in a Chicago area Intensive Care Unit and in its most low-tech form in the Amazon rainforest as I supervised and trained workers for medical, vaccination and dental clinics. Later, I worked in training and education in South Brazil's mountainous “Serra Gaúcha” region. My contemporary glass mosaics meld the ancient art of mosaic with the complexity and textures of modern glass. Spending nearly 18 years in South America and around the world brings the vitality of the rainforest and the strength of exploring new cultures to my work. My work is currently featured in Galleries from Maine to San Francisco and has won awards in numerous Art venues. "After the Darkness" will be featured March-April in the Columbus Art Museum's exhibition Art and Therapy.

My Artist Statement

After living and traveling in contrasting cultures and countries, I weave my love of nature with what I have learned abroad. I think that this is what gives my work its vibrancy and uniqueness. Tropics and temperate zones each contribute their wealth of subjects and styles.

My work draws from life experience and a love of color.

Each piece is made entirely of hand-cut pieces of stained glass - often thousands per mosaic. Working on a dense foam core and fibergalss base makes my mosaics strong, weatherproof and lightweight for shipping.

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