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Born July 21, 1972, Cleveland, Ohio
Dana grew up in a large family on a farm in rural Medina, Ohio. At an early age, he was fascinated by the intricacies of how things worked. He began taking things apart and attempted to put them back together for curiosity’s sake. Dana was formally educated in the arts at Kent State University with a concentration in sculpture. His current work focuses heavily on the usage of found objects and resurrecting discarded materials into wholly new vibrant works. Dana opened Asterisk Gallery in 2001, which is an exhibition space that gives much needed opportunities to emerging regional artists. As well as exhibiting his work in exhibitions nationally, Dana is tireless in promoting the arts by curating exhibitions, judging art competitions and residing on the board of directors of several arts and cultural organizations

My Artist Statement

In my most recent painting practice, I impose my being on the pre-constructed world. I attempt to resurrect the old and rejuvenate the mundane through the use of vintage chenille bedspreads, crocheted afghans, and other fabrics. I initially wipe these materials clean of their past colors and connotations by saturating the fabrics in latex house paint. This leaves a rich yet colorless textured landscape in which I reinvent into a series of contemporary and active works. Through the use of vibrant colors and a variety of oil and acrylic paints, I create an exciting bridge between a forgotten textile and painting.

My Location

I am located in Berea, Ohio.

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