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After over two decades as professor of visual culture and media in Australia, England, & the US., and well-known for his theories of postmodernity & the image, Dan Harries decided to translate his teachings into practice and pursue his artistic projects full-time. In 2008, he established his studio, Harries + Fayť, in Hollywood's historic Artisan's Patio. His limited series photographs explore and expand these theories of intertextuality & ambiguity in the realm of material aesthetics.

My photographs are printed on Kodak Endura Metallic paper and then archivally "face-mounted" on 1/8" acrylic with sintra backing.

All series are printed in three size formats - with each size limited to an edition of 15:

30"x30," 20"x20,", 12"x12."

scarred & corrugated:
30"x40," 16"x20," 10"x14."

My Artist Statement

My work starts with the line that exists between the concrete and the abstract. What's depicted - a rusting fuse box, a peeling wall, a blistered water tower - is discovered later, after color, shape, texture, and pattern resolve themselves, perhaps to avoid revealing the story's dénouement. This process of de-contextualizing the image's source and its eventual re-contextualization in terms of formal, figurative, and social aspects lies at the center of my on-going photographic projects.

My Location

I am located in Los Angeles, CA.

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