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Deb Wight


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My Artist Statement

I want to celebrate life. I want to bring joy to my life and the lives of the people around me.

After losing my computer job of 13 years, the world was now open to me. I have artistic talent, computer skill, and an undeniable love for animals. I took some time to consider my options, but mostly prayed for God to speak to my heart. I continually take photographs of my pets and other animals everywhere I go, capturing their true spirit and personality. All of a sudden, my prayers came true, pet photography. Inspired by Daisy June, my Toy Poodle, Say Paws! Pet Photography was born.

My passion is and will always be art. I believe everyone should have some form of art in their lives. Whether you create it, collect it or just go out and appreciate it.

My Location

I am located in Bergheim, TX.

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