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Born in 1959 in a small town, Elliot Lake in Northern Ontario a mining community.
My Father was a Miner and my Mother was a House wife. We moved to Val-d'or in
1965, we were a family of 10 children, being the seventh born. I always had a
passion for Arts, when I was young the colors always fascinated me, such as the
turquoise green colors that I could admire for hours. Not really knowing why the
colors fascinated me so much. At the age of 15 I began, making paintings. I
never took any courses, it was just a gift in me. Today much older I understand
better this passion that continually grew in me. I worked as a welder for 30 years.
Then, I began making sculptures, with recycled metals. I have no merit in what I
do, it is a gift and an exalting passion growing which, frees my soul.

My Artist Statement

I have a gift making scuptures with recycled metals and it is an exalting passion growing which, frees my soul.

Denis Lampron

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I am located in Val-d'Or, .

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