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Dornberg was born in California in 1940. He studied painting at the University of California in Los Angeles. Since 1995 he has produced over 1000 oil paintings. His “Slices from Life” series depicts subjects from his lifetime surroundings. He has created approximately 25 sculptures with cast resin and welded iron. His paintings have been published on several book covers.
WW Norton Publishing, Baylor University Press, Daimon Publishers, Dream Horse Press,
Ravenna Press, Writers Club Press (iUNIVERSE), Digman’s Violin & Publishing Co.
Gallerie Gora, Montreal; Bowery Gallery, New York City
H Heather Edelman Gallery, New York City; Washington Road Gallery, Pittsburgh
The Flesh Impressionism of Bob Dornberg
Through The Artist Lookingglass

My Artist Statement

It is essential to study the elements that make a painting great. These elements include: relationships of objects, shapes, lines, spaces and colors; their juxtaposition toward the surface and the edges; their rhythm and balance.

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I am located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

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