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Dratia Luigi is a talented artist unlike any other. To use the word “unique” to describe her is like describing the Grand Canyon as, well, “grand”.
She was born in Bangor, Maine to and Air Force Pilot who flew with the Thunderbirds, and a mother who was Consulate General to the US and former Miss Honduras, You probably have begun to see her quite interesting genetic heritage).

Her extended family is pretty remarkable: her maternal grandfather was a four Star General in the Army of Honduras and President/Junta of Honduras. As if these relatives were not colorful enough, there are also Ambassadors, Admirals, Generals, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and Cardinals.

As a member of a military family, Dratia moved a lot, but in 1971 she settled in Texas. Finally, a place big and bold enough to hold her effervescent personality and allow her artistic side to fully blossom.
Dratia earned degrees in Commercial Art and Advertising, and a degree with a double major in Clinical Psychology and Fine Art. (We did mention the intriguing genetic background, did we not)? She did post graduate studies in Clinical Psychology as well. The world is filled with more beauty due to the award winning, artist, winning out over the psychologist.Dratia has 25 years experience in print media as well as 15 years experience in commercial photography.
Look at her web page, and note the “fine” she puts into fine art. A Dratia on your wall today, could be as amazing as an as-yet unknown Picasso on the wall of Gertrude Stein in the early 1900s. ....Think about it.

My Artist Statement

I have heard if you want a photo...take a picture.
What I do is more than just take the reference photo and
turn it into a portrait. I capture the very essence of my subject.

My Location

I am located in Austin, Texas.

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