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Born in North Carolina. Rised on the shores of Lake Waccamaw. Have an English and Art Degree. Created the style called "Squiggleism" and was dubbed the "American Van Gogh" by the I live in Charlotte. My mission is to give the world more Light through my paintings.

My Artist Statement

My art is my mission in life. After surviving a coma, I devoted my life to teaching others how to listen through their eyes. Just subsitute the artistic terms into musical terms. Let your colors and strokes be the musical notes. I created the style called Squiggleism", unblended colors of elongated impressionistic paint strokes applied in staggered, flowing formation to create images like a magnification of the Superstring theory, and symbolic that each line is part of the Divine's living essence produced at the moment of creation that is woven to all that exists.

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I am located in monroe, north carolina.

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