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Ed Buziak


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Stock Photographer & Writer, 1970~Present.

Publishing Editor, Foto Format Publications, 1993~2000.

Senior Designer, Granada TV, 1967~1974

My Artist Statement

Photographer... writer... artist... francophile... vegetarian... fixie cyclist... husband... father... lover... carer... minimalist... easy going...

I studied Interior design at art college in the 1960s, working in the TV and film industry for a decade, before turning to photography full-time. I published and edited specialist photographic magazines on darkroom techniques for several years and now supply work to several stock photo agencies.

Now, half a century after leaving art college my artistic output is returning as I rediscover ways of working with paper, pencil and paint... a reaction perhaps to current digital photography being too technically processed rather than being a more satisfyingly hands-on operation!

My Location

I am located in Boussay, Indre-et-Loire.

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