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Edward lives with his wife Sarah and their many pets on his family’s farm in the small town of Ceres in California’s Central Valley. It is an ideal location for a landscape photographer, being only a two hour drive from both the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains and Yosemite to the east and the marvelous Big Sur Coast to the west, both of which are favorite subjects.

Recognized by famed camera manufacture Hasselblad as one of the top 10 landscape photographers in the world in 2008 and 2009 and named Photographer of the Year in 2004 and 2005 by the Exposure International Photography Exhibition, Edward's ability to make you feel as though you're there, standing shoulder to shoulder with him as he creates his images, has garnered him both numerous awards and collectors, with gallery shows in around the globe.

While not creating new images, Edward writes for many online photography publications, host his own photography podcast, Photography 411, and teaches both in-the-field photography workshops and Photoshop based workshops via his Edward Mendes Photography Workshop program and many galleries throughout California.

My Artist Statement

My passion for nature and the desire to relay to the world how I see it is at the very heart of my work. Since the first time I picked up a camera I’ve gravitated towards capturing the beauty God has put before us. While I didn’t start out with the idea of being a “landscape photographer”, towering waterfalls, blooming meadows and setting suns just seem to be where my lens happens to be pointed, and who am I to fight fate.

For all the bad things that may fill the headlines on a daily basis, the world is an absolutely stunning place, it’s filled with light, color, beauty and life. I photograph because I find these elements of our world to be breathtaking in their wonder and it rejuvenates my soul to be witness to them.

I hope you can see the passion in my work and that it translates through the framed image on the walls of your home; filling you with a similar sense of awe that I felt while creating the image. If so then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do, bring you along to see the wonder and beauty of our world, only you don’t have to wake up at 4am.

The “secret” to creating great images is to start with great light. Edward’s images are known for having a vibrant but gentle, soft glow to them that captures the eye. To achieve this quality of light Edward generally create his images even before the day has begun for most people (photographers included), as capturing a beautiful sunrise often requires a 4am wake-up call and a brisk hike through the cool morning air before arriving at his destination to set up his tripod and wait for the perfect light. During the summer a day creating images doesn’t end until well after the sun has set and the hike back to the car in the dark is completed, often after 10pm, all to start again as the sun rises in just a few short hours.

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I am located in Ceres, CA.

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