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Having studied and exhibited in California for many years, I have now returned to my native Ft. Myers, Florida to establish my new studio. In California, I was a member of the prestigious Ojai Studio Artists Association and have exhibited in many major cites across the United States, and internationally.

My family settled in the Ft. Myers, Florida area in the mid 1800's and it is a pleasure to return to my home town. I have done extensive renovations to our 1924 bungalow-style home and enjoy working on the landscaping. Being from Florida, I have always loved fishing and now am able to get back onto the water.

My Artist Statement

To create distinctive ceramic pieces that will be loved by others as much as I have loved creating them. My inspiration comes from the idea of leaving a legacy of art that will live long beyond me and become a part of history.

My Location

I am located in Fort Myers, Florida.

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