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Efrat Baler

Brooklyn, NY


About Efrat Baler

Efrat (Effi) Baler�s works have been exhibited in Israel, Germany and the US. She is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and has lectured on the history of Israeli Art at the San Francisco Public Library and in campuses across the West Coast. Currently works and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Statement

I am mid-career artist who has decided that it's time to try and stop working at part time jobs to make a living and to try and paint, exhibit and sell instead or at least try!

In my art works I combine painting, text and three-dimensional objects on the front and back of canvases. I also use canvases and canvas cloth in various ways trying to change and extend the iconic state of the canvas as a flat frontal object.
I am exploring in my art ways to extend the range and viewing of “wall” paintings and find ways to allow the viewer to see other sides, possibilities and dimensions of meaning and substance (literally and metaphorically).

I use the canvas as a structure on which I stage my message. The core of most of my art works showcases art about art as the subject matter, mass media icons and still life.

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Chicken Stock

by Efrat Baler



by Efrat Baler



by Efrat Baler