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Eleanor Gilpatrick’s first career was as professor at the School of Health Sciences, Hunter College, City University of New York (CUNY). She had won prizes for painting and draftsmanship in high school and at the Educational Alliance in New York City, but chose to study the social sciences in college and graduate school. She eventually became an expert in health care policy and human resources, authored four books (listed on, directed a masters program in health services administration, and pioneered courses in critical thinking and writing.

Her second career is as a contemporary realist painter. She paints landscapes, figural works, and still lifes that capture fragments of the world that arrest the viewer in terms of composition, color, and content, including paintings about peace issues. Working in acrylic on canvas, a modern colorist, she expresses an affirmation of life with a hint of the solitary. She has had solo shows in Manhattan; and has been in over 35 juried shows; her work is in over 70 private collections. “The Shell Monument,” was the August selection for the 2007 Emerging Artists Calendar.

My Artist Statement

I first followed my heart into a career of research and teaching as a social scientist, but I looked around after many years and saw that my days of excitement there were over, so I followed my heart back to my first love, painting, and I never looked back. I followed my passion for the glory of the real world and studied color theory and composition, and became a contemporary realist. My work is diverse; but I have an identifiable sensibility. I never set out to have a voice; it just grew. I work on my responses to visual reality, and follow my feelings. I affirm life and celebrate beauty, and in 2007 my muse asked me to show the contrasts in the world: the modern sublime, where beauty and terror combine. My work entered the ranks of artists who speak out about the world, especially people in the wars we enter. So you can find landscapes reflecting the places I have been in the world, portraits of people who capture my attention, still lifes full of energy, abstracts that express my love of the paint and the brush, but also statements about the issues of our time.

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I am located in New York, NY.

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