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I am born on 3rd Jan 1968, in Ahmednagar, India. I am an artist by chance, not by choice. But on the other hand, nothing happens by chance and I chose to go along. When I was almost 30, I was fortunate enough to get into the company of creative minds of artists, architects which consequently led me to get interested in arts and ultimately I began studying 20th Century Western art. Since then my life, mostly, is about art.

My Artist Statement

For me, art is a process, its like living life. I start somewhere, on the way I get ideas which I want to develop and see what happens, and those ideas in turn, bring in more ideas and I am sucked into it, full swing. it depends in how far, intuitively, my physical being and my mental state of mind of the moment gets fully involved, that makes if the work in progress becomes a satisfactory finished art piece or something that belongs to the thrash bin.

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I am located in PUNE, Maharashtra.

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