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I am an emerging artist working primarily in wood. I wish to design art that will inspire and instill calm and restfulness in those who experience my work.

I grew up in several states along the east coast and mid-west. For college, I went to The Pennsylvania State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, then the University of Michigan for a Masters in Library and Information Studies. After working in libraries for several years, I started carving wood as a creative outlet. What started as a means of self expression turned into an expression of passion. Over the years, I have been exploring different styles and techniques while finding my creative voice. My pieces are now in private collections across the country, and it bring me satisfaction knowing my work brings joy to others.

My Artist Statement

I believe art can appeal to people on an individual and community level. When we experience art, we have emotions, thoughts, and opinions. Art can inspire people to talk to others and share their personal experience. I want people to experience my work on both levels.

I want to learn to work with the wood, actually allow it to lead me. The grain of wood isnít only visual, it dictates how the wood should be cut and carved. It knows how it wants to flow. My goal is to have a sense for that organic flow, to learn from the wood, and create pieces that are both beautiful and peaceful. I believe that the most restful pieces will follow the path started by the wood.

My Location

I am located in Royal Oak, MI.

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