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I Glenn Madden owner of Glenn Furniture Company was born and raised up in South Carolina, USA. Over the past 10 years I have assembled a group of world class artisans whom help me build my unique creations in Jepara Indonesia a city already famous for wood carvings and art for nearly 2000 years.

My Artist Statement

I have always had an active imagination. I love amazing people with things they never imagined could be done by taking ideas and turning them into reality.

Glenn is talented in many ways from the technical to many forms of art. He has learned his skills to support his trade through various professions. Using his skills and his amazing creative adaptable way he has created works of art still to be recognized. Following in his dads footsteps Glenn is a survivor making a living where ever he is by his brains and his hands. For the past 10 years Glenn has lived in Indonesia creating furniture. His inspiration was a small cabinet shop in South Carolina where his dad built the simplest of work cabinets. Glenn has went way beyond that small shop to create some magnificent pieces of hand carved art and furniture.

Through his creative ability, engineering skills and the assistance of a well trained team of hand carvers and furniture builders for more than 10 years Glenn can create anything from wood. Many of the basic ideas of what Glenn has built comes from his clients in order to put food on the table. But Glenn does more than take the idea as is. Glenn takes a person’s basic idea and makes it workable and a piece of art. A customer sends Glenn an idea by description or rough sketch. From that he and his staff create CAD drawings. This is sent to the client for approval or modifications. During process of conversation Glenn learns the client and what they like. He adapts his design to something that is perfect for each individual.

Glenn went to school for Computer graphics and engineering. He was fascinated with CAD design and took every available course he could find. He ACED every course by mid semester and in most cases the instructor gave him free run after all the class assignments were completed. Glenn has taken his skills of engineering and design to Indonesia where he has trained drafters to assist him. His team can create anything you can imagine and hand carved it from solid wood.

Exhibitions & Awards:
Glenn is still an un-known artist. But with his skills and creations he want remain that way for long.
Glenn Furniture

Glenn Furniture

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I am located in Tulsa, OK.

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