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Abstract photography is a passionate venue for me that blends and mixes various objects until they are converted to a life of their own. This type of art is about exploration and experimentation. My passion is the natural world and I use photography as an expressive tool-in this series to bring to light the almost introspective aspect of the great outdoors.
I love to use digital technology to enhance my images. I use filters and blending modes to cultivate the emotion that I try to evoke out of a work of art.

My Artist Statement

When I work with photography,I’m reminded that nature affords such splendid opportunities to explore wonderful images. I make a determination of what images to capture based on intuition. I wander around an area until an object jumps out and says capture me. I like to isolate a distinct object that is linked to its background in a subtle manner.
I create images because it is a reflection of my thoughts and feelings. When the process is going well, ideas seem to burst out of my head. I’m filled with a sense of energy and total concentrated effort. When a piece turns out well, it conveys some of the elements that I wish to convey to the viewers. Color, pattern, reflection, solitude, simplicity, and passion. Because I have no formal photographic training, I tend to break all the compositional rules. I capture with more of an innate ability to see form and orchestrate objects on the final print.

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I am located in Birmingham, Mi.

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