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As a child I remember I liked doodling and creating geometrical designs. I found it was the easiest thing to do and did not require any special tools; paper, pencil and anything lying around the house. I enjoyed it so much that at the age of 19 I was accepted into Parson School of Design in New York City. Unfortunately, I declined because at the time I did not want my parents to shell out money they did not have. I never drew another design again until now.
At the age of 72 I was working a security job in New Jersey. It was the type of security job where you check ID's and allow vehicles to pass through the gate. I worked the evening shift and had plenty of time on my hands to read the newspaper or watch the ball game.
While working one evening I found a credit card in the parking lot. I kept the card in the security booth hoping that someone would claim it. One day when there was no ball game to watch or newspaper to read I began doodling on a piece of scrap paper using the credit card as a straight edge. After I made some crazy design I used a pen and pencil to color it in. Over the next several days I found great enjoyment doing what I always loved.
After awhile I purchased some markers, a ruler and found some stencils lying around the house. I began spending all my free time making these designs. At work, people that drove up to the gate would ask me what I was working on and stated that I always seemed busy. I would show them some of my designs and was amazed on how much people loved them. At brake time workers would come to the security booth and want to purchase my designs. I was in haven!
No longer able to work I spend all my free time designing. Over the past 9 years I have created 1,000's of designs. Within this time I have noticed that I am slowly losing my eyesight.
I had asked my son to help me do something with all my designs. He had suggested selling them on Etsy. Not knowing anything about computers or websites my son had created this Etsy store and will be handling all transaction while I sit at my drawing table and do what I do best…designing.

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I am located in Sussex, NJ.

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