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Isaac Opoku Badu was born on 29th November, 1987. He started schooling at the age of six. After his elementary education, he proceeded to the College of Arts and Industry, where he acquired an in-depth knowledge of artistic designs that aided him to becoming what he cherished and wanted to be, a prominent and prolific painter.
His family has been the center of his life. Being the youngest of ten children, His Father and mother has been very encouraging and providing him with all the materials he needed. He enjoys the closeness of his family very much because they are his inspiration, and he believes that God, through his mercy, will help him to archive his goal as an artist.

Painting has been with him from infancy. When he was a child, he created images through his own imagination.

To the admiration of mankind, he translates illusion into reality in the form of painting. He uses canvas, oil and acrylic paints in all the work that he does. He try to portray what is in him and being him is what he create. He also had works exhibited at other galleries in Ghana.

My Artist Statement

He create to portray and exhibit the artistic quality in hi. As an Artist many times, he create what he think and see within our environment. He love nature, he also love coming out with new ideas, that's creativity.

My Location

I am located in kumasI, ashanti region.

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