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Jeffery Hall learned precision craftsman skills in the industrial shops outside of Detroit where he grew up. He later moved to Baltimore where he received his BFA from the Maryland Institute of Art in 1984. Hall worked his way threw college as an airbrush artist; painting his wild visions on the curved metal of show cars and motorcycles. Recognized for his skills he was awarded a scholarship to become a craft major where he mastered the techniques for wood, clay, acrylics and metal to depict his subjects. After graduating he assisted the master sculptor Frederick Hart, where he honed his figurative skills. Hall has received numerous museum sculpture awards. His ceramic sculpture has been shown internationally and his architectural sculpture adorns government buildings, churches and estates in and around the Washington D.C. area, as well as the east coast, including commissions for the US capitol building, The Marin Corp administration building, and the Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC

My Artist Statement

In my exploration of the figure I have begun to expand, stretch and transform the figure. My interest in time is evident in most all of my own work. It is a deep and inexhaustible wealth of ideas relating to the earth, the universe and the cultures of man. I focus on monumental and heroic figures that are not bound by the laws of physics, eliminate gravity and any thing is possible.
A strong pose represents humanity at its best. While the human body itself is beautiful, the mind affects body language, and the beauty and inner strengths can be realized. The figure is more than just a body in motion it is also a mind at work. I generally don’t concern myself with scale relationships within a sculptural piece, In that respect the image becomes a little surreal.”

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I am located in Lovettsville, Virginia.

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