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Being born and living in and around Chicago my entire life it was inevitable that it eventually seeped through and became the inspiration for my work. The city is amazing, holding its own against the Lake and all that it hurdles upon the shore. But I look for a different perspective. I look at the overlooked, the parts of the city that get passed by day after day: the rust, the cracks, the effects brought on by patience, persistence, and time. I believe that beauty is not produced quickly and that it is not, and should not, be complicated. That is why it is hidden. It has been there all along, every day, asking for nothing and giving if one would only look. That is how I paint, it was inevitable. My faade was up, and it has cracked, and now through this once formidable force is growing the simple beauty of an ever-present truth that was lying right in front of me all along.

My Artist Statement

Simple is difficult. To begin to approach simple you need to ask “What is not needed here?”. The answers are not easy. They involve sacrifice, loss, and change. Additionally, simplification is an ongoing process where we are required to move forward as well as change, again and again, keeping only what is deemed necessary at each new perspective along the journey.
My art uses this process to create imagery that embraces the viewer in a balanced and peaceful environment. Similar to a body of water or a field of grass, my art combines repetition and movement to hold the viewer as their thinking subsides and their feelings come forth. This context creates a comfort and trust, an opening that allows for the increased recognition of the simple beauty in everything around us.
What is my goal? To make the world a better place. How? I leave that up to each individual viewer to decide, for their path is different than mine. My only intention is to provide the environment where the familiarity and connection to the beauty of simplicity can be more easily seen, and therefore more clearly followed.

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I am located in Chicago, IL.

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