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Observation of nature formed both my outlook on life and style of painting. This guided me to the patterns and movements found within nature, from the repetitive formula of a flower, to the chaotic rhythm of the ocean. As a child, I was always intrigued by the marbling patterns found within stone. Now, through my art, I copy it. The elements found within nature are undeniably attractive and we are all drawn to them.
Through my work, I am attempting to awaken an appreciation for things that form naturally. In today’s fast-moving, high-tech world, the splendor of nature, oftentimes is overshadowed and taken for granted. My general focus is on that which grows, forms and prospers without the intervention of man.

My Artist Statement

Frequently, I am so distracted with my day-to-day life that the beauty of nature is lost to me. Much of the time we become so immersed with our stuff that it begins to dominate our view of the landscapes, turning us blind to its beauty.
I try to copy the unpredictable temperament of nature. This haphazard and formulaic collision of elements is found everywhere and is deeply captivating. The patterns and colors that emerge in nature is what I seek to capture in my work.
My art serves as a reminder that asks “where do we live?” and “who do we owe?” What are we if not the consequence of our environment? In order to survive, everything must lean on nature which reminds us, “it” is “we”.

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I am located in Brooklyn, NY.

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