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Jon Vander Bloomen born in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1952. He started to develop his artistic talents in his father’s concrete manufacturing shop making things from pieces of scrap steel as well as wood and an assortment of odd hardware. He was always fascinated by statuary so in 1977 he taught himself to carve marble and later combined non-ferrous metal with marble. In 1988 he restored the limestone sculpture at Green Bay’s Brown County Courthouse. He also created birdbaths of his own design from Lake Michigan beach stone and did other creative stone masonry. In 1997 he moved to Ashland Wisconsin. Since 2006 Jon has been hunting scrap yards for unique and interesting items. He has a very vivid imagination, when he sees a particular item, it will give him an idea to create a steel sculpture. His art is mostly about Fantasy vehicles. His style is called Fantastic Realism.

My Artist Statement

My art is about Fantasy Vehicles. My style is called Fantastic Realism, something real that has been fantasized. What inspires me to create these fantasy vehicles is the many interesting and unusual items I find in steel salvage yards in up north Wisconsin area. The most of my sculptures made from recycle steel, but sometimes I use new steel. What inspired me to begin with was some steel wheels that came from obsolete farm machinery. Gears are another thing I am very fond of, I like to use them for the vehicle transmissions and engines. Not everything is welded, many things are put together with nuts and bolts, sometimes pipe is threaded and pipe fittings are used. I also incorporate old gauges into my steel fantasy vehicles.

My Location

I am located in Ashland, Wisconsin.

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