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My Biography written by Dr. Melissa Westbrook.

Justin Aerni is an artist, film maker and musician working and residing in Portland, Oregon (USA).
Using cartoon-like outlines, roughly hewn shapes and uneven washes of bright color, Justin renders emotional realities.
These are surreal, dark worlds constructed from raw, emotional response and are internalized spaces made external.
Justin Aerni - Specializing mostly in lowbrow / outsider / macabre art.
Aerni's work is sought after internationally with major art collectors and galleries in France , Australia, Germany , Norway , United States ,
Israel , Iceland , Britain , Mexico and Canada. His work has been published in numerous art magazines around the world.
He is also the author and illustrator of such books as "Dead Business Men" , "Nonsense Relevant" and "Fighting For Fiction".

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I am located in DALLAS, OR.

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