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My current style began to develop during a year I spent in Japan. While there, I was
influenced by the concept of wabi-sabi, an aesthetic ideal which embraces the imperfect
and irregular. I react to the accidental in the painting and allow it to influence the
course of the work, causing each piece to evolve in unexpected ways.
Currently I live in Los Angeles, and am influenced by the environment here, the
light, the plants, the ocean, swimming pools, the wind.

My Artist Statement

My paintings are abstract, and are painted in muted tones of white, black, soft grays,
and beiges. I work in a gestural style, and the paint is applied in thick layers, some
of which have been wiped away. I often apply the paint directly with my hands,
which gives the paintings a sensuous physicality. My inspiration often comes from
nature, things such as wind, water, or plants.

My Location

I am located in Glendale, Ca.

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