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47 rue de la Marne St Malo, Brittany,France 35400
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Karo Evans


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Photographer and Abstract Expressionist Painter.
One must always be ready to face new challenges.
Has studied in the Beaux Arts in France and moved to London, UK, where I studied Photography.
My life has been influenced by many cultures and countries, as I have been travelling.
Presently living on the coast of Brittany in France.

My Artist Statement

ART is a MUST to stay ALIVE

Many people I come into contact with, think and, its their privilege, that, what I do, I do for FUN.
Nothing is further away from REALITY.
I NEED to dive into CREATIVITY and express my guts, through my paintings and my photographs.
Without ART, I would be amputated of what “makes me”, what has been one of the driving forces in my life.
When one is amputated, long after, the limb has been removed, one feels a “phantom pain”, where the limb used to be.
When some one is an Artist, if he cannot express himself through the medium of his choice, he dies slowly……
With that death, comes the pain, brought by the impossibility, to share, what has been growing inside, deep down, in those corridors and palaces of creativity.
When you drown, you try to gasp for air, you battle with the elements, yourself, the waves…..
An Artist I do believe is a very sensitive ( sense it…eves.) person, and can therefore, retranscript, to those around, what he receives, and transforms using his imagination and palette, media….
Artists are a needed category of BEINGS in this world, where we are chasing for troubles, wars, lacking beliefs, left drifting ALONG uncertainties.
My aim is to give birth to what I feel inside my innermost being, whether it is received positively or not.
One can take a medication which taste, is sour to our palate, or pleasing to the papilles.
But the objective is to get better.
To get stronger.TO LIVE. TO BE.
Art can be for some as a medication, but the positive thing that it should do is to make us ponder about certain things around us or in us so that we can overtake them.
And this can benefit others if they are open minded and willing to see the world with differant glasses than, the ones they are wearing.
Art is, as well, a challenge to show the world around us, may be, what they really feel inside, and have never been able to express or even been willing to acknowledge, recognize in their own walk along that hard path, that LIFE can be.

CAROLINE CAUX-EVANS copyright may 1st 2010

My Location

I am located in St Malo, Brittany,France.

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