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Keith Dotson is passionate about black and white photography. His work has been shown in art galleries in Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Tennessee.

His photographs have appeared in major national television commercials and TV programs such as "Gossip Girl" and "Melissa and Joey", and will soon appear in a major motion picture. His cityscape "Public Market, Seattle" was a popular canvas art print offered by Urban Outfitters, which sold out after just a short period of time. His photographs have also been published on greeting cards and posters in Europe and worldwide.

Dotson has taught art and design on the adjunct faculty at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas and Texas State Technical College in Waco, Texas.

He currently resides in Tennessee, where he finds beauty in all four seasons.

My Artist Statement

I aim to capture the essence of a place or subject -- its spirit -- more than its reality.

I hope my photographs convey a zen-like sense of quiet contemplation and beauty.

The landscape is the basis of my art. My studio is the outdoors, in all its forms, with subjects ranging from abstractions and patterns to bold, sweeping vistas (including the urban landscape). Much of the satisfaction I derive from photography is the sense of exploration and discovery; the visceral process of venturing out to make images; the silence of fog broken only by the sound of the camera shutter; the soft crunch of snow underfoot on a frosty winter morning; the fluttering colors of descending leaves in the forest on a Fall afternoon.

My Location

I am located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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