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Descended from a long line of artists and craftsmen, Kristin has a family history in highly tactile expressions of creativity. Her grandfather was a furniture maker and her mother is a mixed media artist. These familial influences helped fuel Kristin’s interest in textiles and patterns, which led Kristin to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design in addition to her painting.
Raised outside Baltimore, Maryland, Kristin also gained inspiration from growing up in an area with strong roots in the world of manufacture and industry. Kristin now lives in London, England, where she is equally inspired by the myriad influences of the numerous shapes, colors, patterns, and sounds that are abundant in one of the world’s most lively cities.

My Artist Statement

Interiors/Exteriors, Kristin’s current series of works on canvas and paper, applies unconventional painting techniques to defined spaces. Using forced air and water to capture motion and the effects of transformation on painted surfaces, the works in Interiors/Exteriors focus on contrasts, particularly exploring ideas like deliberate/unintended, controlled/uncontrolled, planned/unplanned.
Influenced by organic and manmade patterns found in both internal and external environments, the untitled works in Interiors/Exteriors ask the viewer to participate in interpretation, starting with most viewers’ first question regarding abstract art: What am I looking at? Beyond the basics, viewers are also asked to contemplate more existential questions: What’s inside? What’s outside? What’s intentional? What’s left to chance?
Kristin was inspired to begin her Interiors/Exteriors series when she viewed aerial photos depicting Japanese landscapes before and after the devastating tsunami in that country. The effects of the torrential water on highly defined and developed landscapes, so carefully constructed by human hands, prompted Kristin to consider the use of force and water on painted surfaces. From this initial inspiration, Kristin created the series involving abstractions of surfaces and patterns from both large and infinitesimal spaces.

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