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Lance Carlson is an architect working in Atlanta, Georgia. He has studied painting, drawing and collage among other creative pursuits with a renewed enthusiasm for the past several years.
The freedom and control that avails itself in art, can be elusive in architecture.
As he continues to develop skills in 2-dimensional works, he expects to transfer some of the same ideals into architecture

My Artist Statement

Throughout recorded history, man has explored the connections between his perceived world of events, emotions and environment. He has utilized music, art and literature as a voice of expression. The beauty and rhythms of these connections seem to synchronize and play out over time to form a significant socio-cultural record.

My work is a record of the connections and relationships that I have discovered within my own perceived world, through music, art and literature. This process may start on a somewhat literal level but it soon evolves into new discoveries and interpretations unbounded by conventional time. My marks and imagery form the rhythm of this dialogue.

My Location

I am located in Sandy Springs, GA.

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