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My Artist Statement

To put it simply, I am obsessed with photography and Photoshop!

A few years back, after leaving my desk job because of health issues, I ended up finding photography, and completely fell in love with it. I've found it to be such an amazing way to express myself, and a wonderful form of therapy. When I go out shooting, I completely lose myself in it and am able to "escape" for a little while. Photography has also awakened my love and appreciation of nature. Things in nature that I took for granted before now fill me with awe. That is a wonderful gift.

I love doing all kinds of photography, from portraits to landscapes, and everything in between!

I hope more than anything that my images will make you FEEL. That is my goal. I truly do put my heart and soul into them, and I hope that that comes through.

My Location

I am located in San Lorenzo, CA.

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