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Luis Mario Prendes was born in Guantanamo, Cuba, the place responsible for most of Luis' inspiration and best work. As early as the age of three, his artistic abilities began to shine through. That, coupled with breathtaking landscapes and heart-wrenching experiences is what made the artist come to life. His family clearly remembers his curiosity, his appreciation for the finest detail, and his sense of wonder which made his imagination run wild and create not just art, but history.
When Luis was six, unforseen circustances caused Luis and his family to leave their beautiful Cuba and take refuge in Madrid, Spain. Four years later, their Visas to the United States were honored making the New York area their new home. Luis quickly adapted and continued his remarkable creations, ones that ended up in the hands of friends and family by way of gifts. He made his first sale as a teenager.

My Artist Statement

"An artist attempts to express the simplest to the most complex thoughts through whatever means they have to work with. In essence we are all artists."

Inspired by life, Luis wants to share with the world what he sees through his eyes….his appreciation for color, shape, texture, movement…like if it was his first time. There is no getting used to it; it's always different. Exactly that is what opens his senses to experiment with what he's seen and felt to create his own magical world, blossomed by his curiosity.

A strikingly, explosive piece has no boundaries! In Luis' eyes there is no planning, no structure, no explanation, just feeling…and pure curiosity of the senses. He may start with a sketch of something that inspired him throughout the day, but after that it's up to his hand to just flow where his feelings take him. There's no designated starting point or color. It's all up to what he's feeling at the moment. He usually starts with acrylics and ends in oils. He uses a variety of tools and mediums, highly depending on his artist's knife, or even his trowel, for that extra je-ne-se-quoi.

Vicente Garcia- Marquez, the famous Russian Ballet Writer (author of "Massine" and "Ballets Russets") was the one responsible for the discovery of Luis Prendes' raw talent. At the young age of 7, his cousin Vicente gave him his first oil painting kit telling him this is something he could not ignore and had to pursue…that art was his calling in life. From that point forward, exactly that (art) is what completes him.

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I am located in Olathe, KS.

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