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A.C. Maki was born in Kentucky during the 1960's yet she spent her childhood in Omaha, Nebraska where she learned to cherish the color of corn fields against grey skies.

As a child she would draw with pastels her grandfather gave her to reproduce National Geographic images that she was deeply moved by. Later, she began to paint portraits of people who were cast off by society.

Art Show History
Santa Fe Artist Market 2013 -Talmadge Art Show- San Diego, California 2003 Talmadge Art Show- San Diego, California 2002 Marina Del Rey Art Walk- Marina Del Rey, California 1990-91

Rockhurst College, B.S.B.A Biology; Columbia College- B.A. Film; Santa Fe Community College- Elementary Teaching

Private collections:
Los Angeles-San Diego- Paris-Atlanta- Kansas City-Louisville-Santa Fe

My Artist Statement


I like to paint with a combination of oils, pastels, and acrylic on canvas. The movement that has influenced my work the most is Expressionism.

My Location

I am located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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